Some updates on client side
Author: Dreigas Date: 2014/11/20

Today we updated our system, please download it from here:
http://l2java.lt/L2Java.exe 24MB

If you have any problems in game (critical errors, dc, lags) please download Lineage2 Interlude updates from this torrent and install it:
http://l2java.lt/L2Java_Updates.torrent 253MB

If you still don't have Lineage2 Interlude client, you can download by this torrent:

Good game, soon will be more updates! :)

L2Java 5000x WIPE!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2014/09/25


Today (2014 09 27) 6PM (GMT +2) will be wiped our most popular L2Java Interlude 5000x PVP server! It's time for new season! New battles, great time!

We did not forget and our tradition and after wipe half of donated GC from previous season will be returned back to web accounts (for security reason not more than 1000). Be ready!

We are with our players 8 years!

(WIPE) New Faction server season!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2014/06/05


Congratulations with summer time! And this occasion we announce new Faction server season, which will be this Saturday (2014 06 07) 8PM (GMT +2). It's good time to start play here. In this server your don't need a lot of time, server is oriented to PVP, PVE, Clans, Parties!

Do not miss the opportunity to connect, it would not cost anything, and you get more! :) See you!


New EOE server season this Satruday!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2014/05/14


TWO YEARS was no wipe in EOE stuck sub (stuck sub is when you can have all subclass skills in one char!) server and it's time to make it by our players request! It's perfect time to start play here. Be ready this Saturday (2014 05 17) 8PM (GMT+2). Just Try!