EOE start this Sunday!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2016/02/10




This Sunday (2016 02 14 6PM GMT+2)!!!

Currently EOE server is off and  we reworking it from zero :)  Server should be more stable, a lot of bugs disapears (like castle sieges ant etc). After this will be renewed and others our servers! Still need some class balances. (this is will be done, then server will be live)


* Exp changed from 1500x to 300x

* Remaked GM Shop

* After cancel skill comes back to player

* Hero items for 24 hours (drops epic raid boss)

* Epic boss watcher

* Custom Raid Boss droplist

* Augments like enchants

* Auto nobless

* New zones with new features

* NPC spawn like L2Off servers

* Alt+b -> Features (individual settings)

* New PVP rank system!

* Poker game! (can play from Adena or FA)

* Event engine (TVT, Deathmatch, LMS, Zombie and others)

* Special NPC to report bug or buggers

* Some protection from bots!

* Stuck class mod reworked

* Invasion event

* Added Blue Marks, Raid Boss Marks, Event coins, Premium Adenas

Not all features currently announced.

5000x server wipe
Author: Dreigas Date: 2015/12/09

5000x server TODAY STARTED!

We wish to inform, what this Saturday (2015 12 12) 6PM (GMT +2) will be 5000x server wipe!

Some bugs from previous season was fixed!

Half of donated GC will be refunded back to web accounts (but not more than 1000)



Faction server WIPE!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2015/11/26

Faction server STARTED!

Today (2015 11 28) 6PM (GMT+2) will be faction server WIPE.

We are waiting for you! For fun evenings!

Some updates:

1. Added augmentation system (the same like now are on 5000x server)

2. Updated geodata.

Windows 10
Author: Dreigas Date: 2015/09/23

If you have installed Windows 10, then you need to download new engine.dll from here:

http://l2java.com/downloads/engine.dll Just paste this file to system and L2Java folders (you can found thems into Lineage2 directory)

Some updates on client side
Author: Dreigas Date: 2014/11/20

Today we updated our system, please download it from here:
http://l2java.lt/L2Java.exe 24MB

If you have any problems in game (critical errors, dc, lags) please download Lineage2 Interlude updates from this torrent and install it:
http://l2java.lt/L2Java_Updates.torrent 253MB

If you still don't have Lineage2 Interlude client, you can download by this torrent:

Good game, soon will be more updates! :)