L2Java 5000x WIPE!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2015/04/30

L2Java 5000x successfully started!

We have some bad and good news. Bad new, what today crashed L2Java 5000x hard driver and everything was lost(it's first time in 8 years!). But good news, what we should start L2Java 5000x server this Saturday (2015 05 02) 7PM (GMT +2) (WIPE).

We will refund back to web accounts 60% of all donated GC! We want to apologize for the inconvenience! Be ready!



TODAY new faction server season!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2015/04/23

Faction server successfully STARTED!

TODAY (left less than hour) (2015 04 25) 9PM (GMT +2) will start new faction server season (WIPE).

New season will be more aggressive gameplay, items prices more balanced.

This is a great opportunity to join us and have fun! We are waiting for You!





Some updates on client side
Author: Dreigas Date: 2014/11/20

Today we updated our system, please download it from here:
http://l2java.lt/L2Java.exe 24MB

If you have any problems in game (critical errors, dc, lags) please download Lineage2 Interlude updates from this torrent and install it:
http://l2java.lt/L2Java_Updates.torrent 253MB

If you still don't have Lineage2 Interlude client, you can download by this torrent:

Good game, soon will be more updates! :)