About servers


First I would like to say, that L2java.com project won't leave You easy ;) No, that won't happen! Server is designed and maintain to ensure, that unexpected wipes wouldn ot occur, but we can't promise 100% online, because of the electricity or ISP problems. It is not rapid though ;) We allways wanted and still want to be different from other servers, thats why our community is always growing. We are planing to open few more servers in the future. :)
And now shortly about the L2java.com servers.

General novelties in all servers

Additional security - All log-ons are visible to the player and you can check at any time when and from what IP address your character was logged on by typing .loginfo in the website or game.
Upon logging on, the player is notified if the previous log-on was from a different IP address.

L2Java (5000x)

Server type: PVP (High rates)
Opened on: 01.12.2008
Rates: 5000x 5000x 50x 2500x
Enchant rates: 90% (max +35)
Max 8 subclasses

Full buffer (9h. 50 slots)
GM Shop (including RB items)
Free class changer
Invasion, Chaos and TVT events
Some custom NPC: Poker table, Buger reporter,
Top statistic, RB Watcher, Special Trader

Fully operational retail-style Olympiad.
Fully working Castle sieges
Newbie players starts with items and nobless
Unique Champion system
Hero items (from epic RB)
Player spawn protection (7s)
Unique Augment system
Unique spawn system (like l2off)
Offline trader
After cancel you will return back buffs in 15s
Nick color belongs from PVP
Custom Community board
PVP rank system

    TVT - 2 teams fight each other in a life-and-death battle.
   Chaos - Everyone who wants to can gain certain powers for a certain period,
       but a curse follows - they are cursed! And become enemies...

   Invasion - Weird monsters start attacking the territory. The locals have
      to be defended and the reward is honour and plunder from the monsters.

It is only superficial information about the server. We attempted to give it in short, so that there was more time left for the game :P