New, fresh L2Java 5000x start
Author: Dreigas Date: 2019/07/19

Server starting:


We are almost done with server and planning start server this Sunday (2019 07 21) 4PM (GMT +2) Tommorrow (Saturday) in evening we will upload new system, so don't forget to download it


What is already done: :)

Rates: 5000x
Max enchant +35
Events: TVT, CTF, DM, GVG, Invasion, Chaos

Some starting items
Auto loot invidual
Auto learn skills
Subclass without quest
Max 8 subclasses
Free subclass

Nobless from Barakiel (need only one hit)

Max 3 clans in an alliance
Stackable LS, Enchants
Fast augmenting (Lifestones can be used like scrolls of enchants)
Augment system like on old L2Java

.menu command for more options
.offline (Offline shop)
.deposit .withdraw (500kk Aden to 1 FA, banking system)
.acp (Auto potions)
.whoiam (Detailed info about your character)
Max buff count 48
Buffs time from buffer: 12 hours
auto nobless and signal(buff block) skills
PK have a chance to drop some items
Class manager (all 3 prof are for free)
Item Auctioner
GM Shop
Global GK
Service Manager
Olympiad period 1 week
Clan Hall rent currency - FA
Pushkin -> Trader of Mammon
Raid Boss spawn 2x faster
Fully working Olympiad and castle sieges
Almost all working skills

and others features which i forget to write here.