New and fresh 5000x wipe!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2018/08/03

5000x PVP server successfully started!!! :)

Good luck in game!


We wish to inform, what this Sunday will be new and fresh 5000x PVP server start! Currently we working with olympiad and other bugs and thease bugs will be fixed in new server season!!! :) New server season will start this Sunday (2018 08 05) 8PM (GMT +2). Come and join! Together we will make this server better! :)

New faction server season!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2018/07/26

Faction server successfully started! :)


After one year we wish to inform, what this Saturday (2018 07 28) 8PM GMT +2 will be new Faction server season! Which faction team your will choose this time?

Author: Dreigas Date: 2018/06/25


Today we transfered back GC to web accounts from previous season (but not more than  1000) from previous season, check your web accounts! Good luck in game. :)

New PVP 5000x server season!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2018/06/20

L2Java 5000x server successfully started new season!

At Monday we will refund back half of donated GC,

but not more than 1000

We wish to inform, what this Saturday (2018 06 23) 6PM GMT(+2) will start new L2Java 5000x PVP server season!!! Be ready and inform your friends!!! Soon will be more information! :)


Edge of Edolon 300x
Author: Dreigas Date: 2017/07/21

Edge of Edolon 300x

Successfully started!!!

The wish of the players after a long time we will start our Edge of Edolon 300x stuck sub server this Sunday (2017 07 23) 8PM (GMT +3)!!!

Classic returns!!!





5000x PVP server WIPE
Author: Dreigas Date: 2017/05/25

Server successfully started!!!

Newbie zone live!!!

We wish to inform, what this Saturday (2017 05 27) 7PM (GMT +2) will be 5000x PVP server WIPE! Be ready and inform friends!